About Me

I am the pastor of a small church in beautiful Amherst, Virginia, nearby to Sweet Briar College. Amherst Presbyterian is a small but energetic congregation of people from throughout the diverse political, economic, and religious spectrum in Amherst County. We care deeply about fostering a sense of hospitality and about serving the needs of the local community, specifically through ministries to combat hunger and through our on-site, non-profit, highly-regarded preschool.

I care about preaching, I care about the church, and I care about the responsibilities of a preacher to the proclamation of the Gospel in a world groaning to hear it. I also care about my fabulously talented clergy wife Sarah, the equally fabulously talented toddler son Charlie, my largely untalented dog, all things culinary, and baseball.

Contact me: matt -[dot]- gaventa -[at]- gmail -[dot]- com.